• July 20, 2022

The third “Enaya” forum

The third “Enaya” forum

The third “Enaya” forum 1000 762 شركة الفارس
Al-Faris Company for Research and Studies participated in the third “Enaya” forum, which was organized by the Orphan Care Association in Hafr Al-Batin Governorate “Taraouf”, the working paper entitled (The Scientific Framework for Building an Orphan’s Personality). This three-day forum included: Orphan care associations from regions, cities and governorates. The Kingdom is within the framework of its building incubators to contribute to developing capabilities, sharing information, exchanging experiences and transferring experiences. The themes of the Third Enaya Forum included, “Constructive and educational environments between opportunities, challenges and capabilities,” as well as presentations of practices, applications, skills, and improvement opportunities for the Enaya Program. Speakers reviewed in The conference is the most prominent outcome of the forum, which includes 46 associations from different regions of the Kingdom and 150 participants. The forum aims to contribute to improving the capabilities of the building and educational incubators for the orphans of the Kingdom, and to enable the participants to optimally implement the Enaya program, in addition to monitoring the improvement aspects of the program and disseminating distinguished practices and applications among the participating parties. This forum comes as a contribution from “Tarauf” in achieving integration and exchanging expertise and experiences to develop the sector and make optimal use of all practices in various parts of the Kingdom. Through it, the orphans of the Kingdom can be satisfied with the distinguished service, the finest program, and the qualitative initiative that brings benefit to him, and to the country in construction and development.
We are pleased to announced that we have rebranded our company to dém development.
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We are pleased to announced that

we have rebranded our company

dèm development