Employing Technology in Tools and Means

Harnessing all energies and capabilities to reach effective performance that invests the boom of Artificial Intelligence in order to increase productivity with high-level efficiency.

Local and international accreditations

Member of the European Society for Opinion Research and Marketing (ESOMAR). Products and methodology approved by the Saudi Sociological Society at Imam Muhammad bin Saud University as a pioneering initiative in achieving the Kingdom’s vision 2030 in the field of development and housing. Products and methodology approved by the Development Housing Agency. One of the partners of the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN habitat) to promote social and environmental sustainability in cities.


A specialized, professional, capable team and practitioners of many different research and studies

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Leadership in Achieving effectiveness


Commitment to achieving the highest levels of effectiveness to our partners by providing solutions linked to an integrated and robust work system that uses Artificial Intelligence applications to enables decision-making and achieving goals efficiently and effectively.


To be the first regional house of expertise in data collection operations, restructuring executive work, qualifying and empowering cadres and organizations, building evaluation and follow-up indicators, and creating the necessary and supportive partnerships to achieve common goals.

Our Values

We believe that the success of the partners’ business in achieving effectiveness requires merging with them and adopting their goals to form a single work team that strives to work and innovate in light of the quality standards through which we work.

Why alfares Center

We at Al-Fares Center for Studies consider ourselves true partners of our clients. We are keen on the need for the work to come out in an ideal manner, and we carefully strive to reach the correct information from the first field application.

Our Partners

Employing artificial intelligence